1955-1959 Chevy Truck door latches - Altman Easy Latch

Altman Easy Latch for 1955-1959 Chevy Truck

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    While all of our latches can be locked from the outside using your stock lock cylinders, you can not lock your Altman Easy Latch from the inside by pushing the handle forward.

    Click Here to view installation instructions for the Short Panel Kit

    Click Here to view installation instructions for the Long Panel Kit

    Are you tired of slamming the doors on your 1955-1959 Chevy Truck?
    Are the latches on your classic truck not living up to the other work you've put into your pride and joy?
    Face it, most classic truck door latches have been abused over the years and the available options don't offer the quality that your classic or custom Chevy truck deserves. That is where the Altman Easy Latch for 1955-1959 Chevy Trucks comes to the rescue.

    The Altman Easy Latch kit is a vehicle specific bolt-on, bear jaw rotary claw latch kit. This kit features contoured jam plates to match the features of your vehicles doors. These are in no way a universal application. Our bear jaw rotary claw latches are each designed to work with the exterior handles, interior handles, and the exterior door lock cylinders of the specified vehicles. Each piece of our bear jaw latches are zinc plated to fight corrosion. Our internal claws are case hardened and black oxide coated. Each kit comes with everything you need for two doors. Latch plates, vehicle specific bear jaw rotary claw latches, templates, hardware, detailed instructions, striker plates, and even stainless steel striker bolts. The Altman Easy Latch kit will have your doors opening and closing smoothly and safely. All of our kits are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA. This particular kit has an option that works with your existing, stock steel interior door panel. Each of our Altman Easy Latch Kits are available for those that wish to use them on a shaved handle application. Make your selection above before clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

    • No welding necessary
    • Works with exterior handles
    • Works with interior handles
    • Works with exterior lock cylinders
    • Case hardened latch paws
    • Stainless steel striker pins
    • Everything you need for both doors
    • Made in the USA
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    1. Worth The Money!

      Installed these in my 1959 Chevy PU. I opted to make my cuts with a Dremel and a fiber reinforced cut off disc. All went well until I went to install the striker plates. The original bolts are 5/16", 24 (fine thread) what came with the kit is 1/4", 20. So, off to the hardware store to buy 8 new bolts and washers. Otherwise, the kit is worth the money, despite having to hunt down replacement hardware for installation. If the need arises I will purchase again and recommend them to my friends. on 9th Aug 2016

    2. Nice product; easy install,

      I've struggled for nearly 10 years with poorly operating interior handles on my '59 Chevy PU...to the extent that I developed the habit of opening the door by reaching out the window and operating the outside handle to open the door.
      Finally broke down and bought this kit, and it works great, should've installed these years ago.
      on 4th Mar 2016

    3. Easy latch for 1957 Chevy pickup

      First off, I would like to say that the quality of this kit is excellent! The kit is an easy install for a problem that most Chevy Task Force truck owners will eventually encounter. The stock strikers and latch assemblies just are not up to par. No matter what, they are going to wear out over time causing hard closing/opening doors and the chance for a door to open unexpectedly. All of the aftermarket re-pops are terrible, a total waste of money. This kit solved all my problems! I love it and have been recommending its use to everyone who has seen them on my truck. For me, it was money well spent!! on 4th Mar 2016

    4. Easy to install, but if you have shaved handles stand by.....

      I purchased the kit for the shaved door handles which was a bit less expensive that the stock handle kit. Cutting the door panel was fairly easy if you have a cutoff wheel. Once the door is cut open it's pretty easy to install the latches and mounting plate. The problem I ran into was in order to open the door you must push/pull up on the latch. We shaved the handles so locating a solenoid above the door latch is not possible with power/crank windows. I had to install a pulley just above the latch to change direction. Not that big of a deal but with the cable hooked up, the latch would not engage when the door was closed due to the slight pressure holding the latch in the up position. To compensate for that I had to drill a couple more holes in the door for a return spring to come up from below to keep tension on the latch to stay down so it would engage. In all it's a good part but an internal spring would have been nice for the release lever and it would be a cleaner install if it pulled down to release the latch. on 2nd Mar 2016

    5. Very Rare, Aftermarket Parts that FIT and WORK!!

      I am 65 years old and have been doing this stuff professionally all my life. It is very seldom a kit, whether it is a complete frame and suspension kit or a simple door latch kit, fits and works like it is supposed to. I have installed two of these kits, a 1954 and a 1959 Chevy pickup and both kits fit and work perfectly. on 26th May 2015

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