Altman Easy Latch Kits

Never before has it been easier to upgrade your 1940-1966 classic truck’s door latches. Trique Mfg. is the home of the Altman Easy Latch.

The Altman Easy Latch is the one and only complete bolt-in latch system for 1940-1956 Ford Trucks and 1947-1966 Chevy Trucks. The Altman Easy Latch is a vehicle specific bear jaw style latch system that allows you to keep your existing inside and outside door handles, as well as your outside lock cylinder. Each of our installation plates are contoured to match your door body lines and give you a nice factory finish once installed. There is no welding involved; simply make a small cut made in the corner of your door using the provided template, drill a few holes, and you will be on your way to opening and closing your doors with ease. The bear claw door latch system truly works to ensure that your doors will not only close properly, but stay closed and keep you safe. 

Our Altman latches address the main problems found in many old classic trucks: the old car doors stick and are hard to open and sometimes (most of the time) you have to slam them to get them closed. Once you get them closed, do you feel like they are secure? Ever had your door fly open on you like the video above shows? Many people have. Our door latch system works more like a modern door latch. We have 3/16" case hardened steel paws that close around a stainless steel striker pin to ensure that your doors will not pop open when the body flexes. Each of our latches features a 2-position catch system to provide an extra level of safety. We designed these latches much like your classic truck was last. The body and levers of our latch are zinc plated to provide corrosion protection, while our internal paws are case hardened and black oxide coated to resist abrasion. The internal springs and the striker pins are stainless steel and best of all, it is all made right here in the USA. No more foreign knock-offs of latches that were in need of help to begin with. Browse our line of Altman Latches and order a set today! You will be glad you did.

Stop slamming your doors—go easy with the Altman Easy Latch.

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