Car Interior Lighting

Add the finishing touches to your car or truck now. Car interior lights will not only illuminate the inside of your vehicle at night, but they will also add to the value and overall feel of your car. No matter if you are working on a restoration project or if you are driving a classic car at the moment, we are sure you’re going to love these billet aluminum dome lights.

Our LED car interior lights come fully polished, and they are made with billet aluminum.  Best of all,these lights don’t produce a dirty yellow cast—each light offers a soft white glow that will have your classic car or truck looking brand new.  There’s no need to fumble around for dropped items in the middle of the night—upgrade your car or truck’s interior with billet aluminum dome lights.

We currently carry oval lights, and we also include light brackets in our inventory to make light installation even easier. Our LED car interior lights are made in the USA.

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